Do you do alteration?

Yes,we do. If you have some need alteration .You can bring to my shop and try them on. We can do the best way.

Can you do tailoring if I have 1,2,3 days in Ha Noi ?

Yes,we can. For 1 day, we can do simple clothes like shirt,trousers,top,skirt,simple dress. For 2 days,we can do. Women suits,simple everning dress. For man suits,we need at lease 2 day (48 hours)

If I do 2 or 3 items in the same style. Can I get discout ?

yes,we can discout a little bit the price base on the style

Can you shipping if I order by mail ?

yes, we do. If you have a garment that tailored in my shop. We can redo and send you by post office. The time for shipping from 2 day